Cisco LightStream 1010 ATM Switches

The Cisco LightStream 1010 is a 5 Gbps modular switch designed for use in either the workgroup or the campus, depending on the nature of the interfaces employed. The Cisco LightStream 1010 uses a five-slot, modular chassis featuring the option of dual, fault-tolerant, load-sharing power supplies.

The central slot in the Cisco LightStream 1010 is dedicated to a single, field-replaceable ATM switch processor module (ASP) that supports both the 5 Gbps shared memory, fully nonblocking switch fabric, together with its feature card, and the high-performance RISC processor that provides the central intelligence for the device. Uniquely, the ASP module feature card can also be upgraded in the field, allowing the switch to track changing ATM specifications. The remaining slots support up to four hot-swappable carrier modules (CAMs), each of which, in turn, can support up to two hot-swappable port adapter modules (PAMs), for a maximum of eight PAMs per switch, supporting a wide variety of desktop, backbone, and wide-area ATM interfaces., Inc buys and sells new and used Cisco LightStream 1010 ATM Switches.
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CiscoCisco LightStream 1010 ATM Switches


The LightStream 1010 is the first member of Cisco Systems' midrange Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) switches for multiservice applications—from the ATM workgroup and campus backbone to metropolitan-area networks and alternative...
CiscoCisco LightStream 1010 ATM Switches

Cisco L1010-ASP-C-FC1

Cisco L1010-ASP-C-FC1 ATM Switch Processor with FC-Per-Class Queuing. ( Cisco L1010-ASP-C-FC1 )Cisco L1010-ASP-C-FC1 ATM Switch Processor with FC-Per-Class Queuing. ( Cisco L1010-ASP-C-FC1 )
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